A Little More Romance

I haven’t been very motivated to blog lately. I’ve been distracted by life and some of its slight downturns. I’ve always wanted to keep this blog positive, but I am human. I need to share my lows along with all my wonderful highs.

Lately, I’ve been creating rough moments for HOS and myself. I hear stories from people at work about romantic nights out with spouses or boyfriends. Friends are getting married. Shoot, friends are walking down the aisle just eight months after meeting one another.

The girly, silly side of me is envious.

I love my family, and all my time with HOS and Charlotte. I also have relationship needs. It’s selfish, I know, but it’s still a desire.

I’m a sucker for walks at the park, picnics and just spending time at the lake. Of course, I like a good meal and a movie, too. I like to think I’m easy to please. What’s not easy is finding a sitter.

HOS does his best. And he puts up with me on a daily basis. I should just be grateful for that! He does get frustrated, saying I compare us to others. I don’t deny that, but I’m not asking for a wedding. I just want a little more romance.

Is it unappreciative or too selfish?

It makes me feel that way.

Better Girlfriending: Q1 Report

One of my 2013 resolutions is to be a better girlfriend to HOS. I’ll be honest, my first quarter performance was definitely lacking. We suffered some major arguments, and both had times where we were just not in the mood to deal with one another. BUT, I love this ginger, bearded man, so I worked hard to redeem myself during the last few weeks.

A few weeks ago, Shane gave me a sweet card for no reason other than to remind me that he loves me, and he is so happy we were blessed with Charli. And!! He included a package of my favorite Cadbury milk chocate eggs with the candy coated shells. Yum!

In reciprocation, I surprised him with a bottle of one of his favorite whiskies.

The next week, I bought him a nice shirt at Gap because I was thinking of him while shopping, and thought he’d look good in it. [I was right!]

Finally, last weekend, I took HOS on our first date in around four months. FOUR MONTHS!

We went to RowHouse Restaurant in Topeka. If you live on the area, you have to eat here. It’s unique, romantic and ridiculously delicious. Trust me; do it.

Anyway, it was snowing, so we didn’t do anything after dinner, but the date was just what we needed.

It’s becoming obvious that we aren’t making enough time for us and our relationship. It felt so good to do nice things for him, and to have him do sweet things for me, too.

It’s too easy for partners to become lazy and for relationships to become boring. … And having kid(s) doesn’t make it any easier.

I like the track HOS and I are on. We aren’t perfect. We fight, and we don’t always like one another, but we love one another. And we want to be happy parents who live in a house filled with happiness. [cheesy, I know]

I told HOS a long time ago that I want to be the kind of parents who gross out their kids because we are so in love, and because we give each other kisses. I want to be the parents that make our kids believe that happily ever after is possible.

I want to be the parents who are willing to work hard to be that kind of parents.

So my first quarter results for being a better girlfriends started out stagnate, and remained that way for far too long. However, I’m happy to report that better girlfriending is trending upward!! I am currently under goal, but I have 3 more quarters to rectify the loss.

What have you done to become a better partner, or what has your partner done?