A Little More Romance

I haven’t been very motivated to blog lately. I’ve been distracted by life and some of its slight downturns. I’ve always wanted to keep this blog positive, but I am human. I need to share my lows along with all my wonderful highs.

Lately, I’ve been creating rough moments for HOS and myself. I hear stories from people at work about romantic nights out with spouses or boyfriends. Friends are getting married. Shoot, friends are walking down the aisle just eight months after meeting one another.

The girly, silly side of me is envious.

I love my family, and all my time with HOS and Charlotte. I also have relationship needs. It’s selfish, I know, but it’s still a desire.

I’m a sucker for walks at the park, picnics and just spending time at the lake. Of course, I like a good meal and a movie, too. I like to think I’m easy to please. What’s not easy is finding a sitter.

HOS does his best. And he puts up with me on a daily basis. I should just be grateful for that! He does get frustrated, saying I compare us to others. I don’t deny that, but I’m not asking for a wedding. I just want a little more romance.

Is it unappreciative or too selfish?

It makes me feel that way.

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