Make Me Up

In my first blog post I talked about the Forbes article, 7 Ways You’re Hurting Your Daughter’s Future. Shane and I are doing a good job avoiding these 7 things that could hurt Charli’s future, except for one…

7. You criticize your own body, and/or other women’s bodies.

Let me be completely honest for a moment – I HATE talking about body image and appearance. There will always be someone skinnier and prettier than I am. There will always be someone who considers me to be skinnier and prettier than her. It’s a terrible, vicious cycle.

That being said, I know that I can teach Charlotte a lot of things about being an intelligent, successful woman.

I cannot teach her how to be self-confident [as it relates to appearance].

Why? Well, friends, I can’t teach what I don’t know. Therefore, I have set out on a mission to boost my own self-esteem.

Step 1: Make Me Up

I have never been good at hair and makeup. My best friend of 10+ years will attest to that! She’s been great about teaching me the basics of makeup application. She also taught me how to curl me hair with a curling iron when I was 16. Unfortunately, I’m not a great student when it comes to these things, so I recently became obsessed with a professional, Bobbi Brown.

I’ve been two of her books for makeup guidance and self-confidence boosters. Her newest book, Pretty Powerful, has been a blessing for my new makeup endeavors.

My attempts at improving my makeup skills are proving successful. I still have a lot to learn, but I’m much happier with my appearance now that I am forcing myself to wear makeup.

Here are a a couple before & after examples of the magic of makeup.

Angie 1 Self-Deprication 0
Makeup Before and After

Getting ready for Kristen’s birthday.

Makeup Before and After

Practicing for our ’20s holiday party. *Please note that I am only wearing eye makeup in the photo on the right – hence the circles under my eyes.

1 thought on “Make Me Up

  1. What a good idea. I think teaching kids when they’re young to accept who they are and the things that make them unique will help stop all of the low self esteem and mental health issues kids face today. However, as shallow as it may be, a small change to your physical appearance can also make a world of difference. A new hair color, some mascara, or even something simple like a new outfit can make the most self-conscious person be a celebrity in terms of confidence. I love makeup. I rarely wear it because I’m lazy. When I feel bad, ugly, or have lost my confidence – I try something new and become a new person myself. I think it’s key for girls, especially when they are young to learn that they’re beautiful no matter what they see when they look in a mirror. I learned that as a kid and remind myself to this day. Make up may only cover the exterior but I think as you learn and play with your appearance, you may see yourself as beautiful for the first time and you will discover confidence and for those of us who lose it from time to time, it’s a nice way to remember it. With that said, I know it is cliche, but I think it is important to remind yourself that beauty is not only skin deep, but it is what’s inside that makes you beautiful (but it doesn’t hurt to feel beautiful on the outside as well).

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