30 x 30

I recently read a blog post by a friend that was about her 30 x 30 goals, and I loved the idea. Basically, she and another friend created the idea to set up bucket lists with milestones they would like to hit by the time they are 30, 40, 50, etc. For 30 years old, there are 30 goals.

I’ve been thinking a lot about what goals I would set for myself. It’s not as easy as I anticipated. Regardless, I need to set goals for myself – goals for me as a mom and as an individual.

Here it goes! My 30 x 30 goals in no particular order…

1. Take up yoga
2. Donate to Locks of Love
3. Volunteer more
4. Plan and execute at least one fundraiser for pancreatic cancer research
5. Have a children’s book published
6. Learn html
7. Strengthen my CSS “skills”
8. Earn a position as a manager or director of marketing
9. Start AND finish some of the DIY projects from my Pinterest
10. Taste test a recipe from my Yum! board once a month
11. Write a book for Charlotte each Christmas
12. Start a Christmas Tradition – adopt-a-family, food drive, something charitable
13. Start a Christmas Tradition – giving one homemade gift to each family member
14. Have my second baby
15. Get married
16. Give Shane’s house a much needed makeover
17. Buy a house
18. Adopt a dog
19. Plant a vegetable garden
20. Cook a holiday dinner all by myself
21. Give up soda
22. Refresh Spanish skills and possibly take some classes
23. Teach Charlotte basic Spanish with the help of her Papa
24. Learn how to do fun braids and hairstyles for Charli
25. Write a business plan for a maternity store in either Topeka or Manhattan
26. Keep Charlotte’s photo album up-to-date
27. Make sure Charli knows her grandparents who already passed away
28. Visit Canada
29. Fly over the ocean – preferably to Europe or Australia
30. Visit all 50 states*


*I have already visited the gray states.

3 thoughts on “30 x 30

  1. Love the organization! As ever, I wonder at your ambitions, but have learned to smile, shake my head, and get out of the way. I may not comment on these entries consistently but you must rest assured I am reading! Te amo, hija mia.

  2. Have to agree with big brother, you have huge goals/ambitions… and I’m loving/learning a little more about you on your blog. I have no doubt you will succeed in anything you set out to do!

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