Dear HOS: Thank You

Dear HOS,

I wanted to take a minute to thank you.

Thank you for taking Charlotte to daycare in the morning, and picking her up far more often than you should.

Thank you for cleaning.

Thank you for working so hard to take care of Charli and me. Thank you for sacrificing!

Thank you for changing dirty diapers, swinging Charlotte to sleep for months and for getting up at night.

Thank you for taking the time in the morning to snuggle with Charli.

Thank you for putting together a Christmas tree you really don’t care about, and then turning it on at night just for me.

Thank you for cleaning the litter box. This cannot be communicated enough! You truly deserve honors.

Thank you for loving my family – all 40ish of them.

Thank you for trying… Trying my cooking, trying my household ideas, trying to understand me… For any and every moment of effort.

Thank you for being my better half.

Thank you for being the dad of my beautiful daughter.

I know we get caught up in life. We don’t take enough time for one another. We often look at the relationship and think, “what’s being done for me?” I’m talking about myself now. I asked you this just a few weeks ago.

How selfish of me?

I know it’s human nature to want more, and I know I’ll always wish we had more date nights. But the truth is, I would rather be home, snuggling with you and Charli on the couch. Fancy dates or not, I’m very spoiled. And very loved.

Thank you for all the things I’ve listed, all the things I didn’t.

I love you!



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