The Best Compliment

Today I received a compliment that filled my heart with such joy, I just had to share.

I’m in a Christian women’s group called Leading Ladies. We are reading “The Resolution for Women.” Today we discussed a chapter about compliments.

I don’t care what religious affiliations you have – if any – every woman struggles with compliments. Whether giving or receiving, compliments are tricky.

As women, we over-think darn near everything! So you know we can’t hear someone say, “your hair looks great today!” without thinking to ourselves … Does it not look good other days? Does she really like it like this? REALLY?

And when we tell someone else, “I love that scarf!” we wonder… Did I sound fake? Why didn’t she compliment me back? She wasn’t very appreciative.

It’s exhausting!

Today’s lesson leader had us do an exercise where we went around the room and each person was complimented by every other person. I was mortified by this!

It turned out to be such an uplifting experience for me. These women told me their personal feelings about me, and they were good! I think we all spend so much of our lives feeling unnoticed. I realized today that people see. We just don’t always share.

Amongst the heartfelt, moving compliments given to me was that I’m a really great mom. (This made me cry. Shocking, I know!)

And the compliment that I will never forget was from my cubicle neighbor. She told me to I am kind and generous, and that I give to people who would never ever return the favor. She told me that she never knew someone as giving as me.

I couldn’t respond in the moment for fear of breaking down, but that was the best compliment I could have ever received because that has been my goal for so long. I want to be like my mom – a woman who gave freely of herself, but rarely took from anyone. She was such an amazing, thoughtful and caring woman.

I know now that I’m definitely on the right track with my life and who I am becoming.

My heart is full tonight!

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