Charlotte’s Slippers

If only I could see the world through Charlotte’s eyes for just one day…

As adults, we are caught up in the fast-paced rat race we call “life.” It’s all about stuff! Nothing is ever good enough.

We want bigger, clearer, smarter TVs.

We want faster cars.

Bigger houses.

Longer vacations.

The list is ridiculous, and it is long.

Even if we received everything we wanted, we would be disappointed.

Because nothing is good enough.

Tonight, I gave Charlotte her first pair of slippers, regular ol’ slippers. She was genuinely happy!


She danced and smiled and couldn’t stop looking at her slippered feet!

I want to be like my daughter. I want look at life’s experiences the way Charli looked at those slippers – with joy and wonder!

When was the last time you felt and acted genuinely blessed by the little things in your life?

2 thoughts on “Charlotte’s Slippers

  1. Today I’m feeling pretty mellow about sitting in the old wood rocking chair with soup warming up the kitchen, listening to the Huskers play in a basketball tournament. The thermometer says 29 degrees outside, but we’re glad we don’t have to set foot outside! Being retired does give us time to appreciate our corner of the world: birds at the feeder, oak leaves that are hanging on the tree, the colors of the ornamental grasses, things we see outside our windows while we drink our morning coffee. We’ve talked about how retirement allows us to experience a sort of second childhood, so maybe we can relate better to Charlie’s delight at her slippers.

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