On Marriage

Marriage isn’t for me. Wait. What?!

When a friend posted the blog, Marriage Isn’t for Me, on Facebook the other day, I was intrigued.

If you haven’t read this blog yet, I encourage you to take some time to read it. I really enjoy hearing/reading the male perspective on proposals and marriage. I believe our society has made marriage into a woman’s thing, especially the wedding. It’s rare for me to hear a man’s thoughts on the matter. It’s encouraging and inspirational. It also makes me believe men do care more about these things than they let on!

Not surprisingly, The blog moved me to tears. But my tears were inspired by the honesty, respect and honor of a father’s advice, and by the admission that its easy to forget this advice. I also cried because reading this blog made me think about my relationship with HOS.

If you know what HOS means – husband of sorts – you’ve probably picked up on the fact that we are not married, but we are blessed in many ways. Most importantly, we are blessed with Ms. Charli! I am not married, but I have been careful not to put too much pressure on HOS about the matter. I drop some hints and make jokes every now and again – I can’t let him forget! – but I know that nagging at him will get us no where.

After reading this blog, I realized that I have spent my life looking at marriage the wrong way. And when I really start to think about it, HOS already lives his life like this! Everything he does is for me and Charlotte, from the hours he works to the lifestyle he now lives.

I may not have a crazy production of a proposal and I may not have a ring (well, I have one my dad gave my mom), but I have a man who would do anything and already does everything for me. Am I doing the same for him?

I think so. I hope he thinks so…

Next time someone asks me when I’m getting married, I’ll do my best to remember that getting married isn’t for me. And if it isn’t for me, it sure as heck isn’t for all these other people either!

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