Leaving On a Jet Plane

In eight hours, I’ll be leaving my little family for a quick business trip to Chicago. I just found out about the trip on Tuesday, and I’ll leave tomorrow morning and return Tuesday evening. It’s just a blip in the crazy, too fast life. But my tummy is turning and my heart is aching while I listen to Charli tossing and turning in the next room.


This is my third work trip away, and it’s the shortest. I thought that being gone for a short trip would get easier, but no such luck.

Maybe when she’s a pre-teen and we fight about everything?


I’m afraid I’m one of those moms who will forever miss her child(ren). I am only consoled by the fact that she won’t remember I was gone. … Yet. And she probably won’t even miss me. Of course, this just makes me sad for other reasons entirely!

There is no winning. Unconditional love is the most awesome and wonderful thing, but it, too, has its downfalls.

I doubt I’ll get much sleep tonight. I really want to scoop Charli up out of her crib and fall asleep with her in my arms so I can cling to the feeling of her cool cheek against mine and the smell of her freshly bathed hair. But I won’t disturb her.. Not until morning, any way. 🙂

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