5 for $20 (or more)

Do you remember the good ol’ days, when we were kids, and our moms would take us to Walmart the store to buy multi-packs of underwear? Do you remember how many pairs of undies we got for $5? Shoot. We took those days for granted.

Now, I know my dad is probably mortified right about now. Blogging about underwear!!

But seriously, it’s ridiculous how expensive these necessities have become.

If I’m shopping at Target, I can get away with 5 pairs of underwear for $20. At Victoria Secret, the Pink line is usually 5 for $25.

What once could buy me 5 pairs, now buys one.

I realize I’m whining in this situation. I could easily buy the cotton multi-packs for women. While still more expensive than my youth, they are more affordable than what I do buy. But they just look terrible!

I’m a mom now. Affordable underwear may be what’s expected of me. … Are my underwear purchases to be forever limited to cotton briefs in white, black and beige?

I’m 25 years old. I can’t settle for that just yet.

I’ll just fork over what I deem to be ridiculous amounts of money for very few items, 5 for $20 (or more).

As for the cotton briefs … Check back with me in a few years. I may be singing a different tune!

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