Tiny Clothes Make for Big Reminders

You know that moment parents have when they look at their child and are astonished to find they are so big, so old, so independent?

I had my first one today.

A friend from work is expecting her first baby in a few weeks, a baby girl. Her baby shower is this Saturday, and she currently only has one onesie.

I offered to bring her some of Charlotte’s clothes.

As I pulled out each of Charli’s tiny outfits, I relived the memories of her first giggles and coos. And realizing how small and fragile that precious baby was.

My heart just ached with happiness for my amazing daughter and the memories and it ached with sadness that she is growing so quickly.

I’m so astonished by her. Every day.

I just wish I could slow it down a little.

1 thought on “Tiny Clothes Make for Big Reminders

  1. I love seeing you and Shane with Charli–you look at her like she is the best baby ever, which is exactly how it should be. How wonderful is that! She is one lucky and very much loved baby.

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