From Cupid With Love

HOS and I have never been big Valentine’s Day people. I don’t know if it’s because we are boring, cheap or just fail at being romantic. I’ve always been one of those women who say that Valentine’s Day isn’t important and we don’t need to celebrate.

Who am I kidding? ALL women want to celebrate at least a little.

This is our first Valentine’s Day with Charlotte so I wanted to do something sweet for HOS, and I wanted Charli to be a big part of it.

My idea was so original adorable.

I would dress up my chunkster 6-month-old as cupid! I’m sure no one has ever thought of that.

I took to the Google machine in search of the perfect costume. I wanted an affordable outfit that included wings and a bow and arrow. My search ended in despair.

With less than one week before the big day, I had to resort to creating my own outfit. It turned out beautifully! Here’s a gallery of images, from my little cupid with love! (DIY directions below.)

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It was Sunday and Hobby Lobby was closed, so I headed off to Michael’s and purchased the following items for around $15:

  • (1) styrofoam board, 1 – 2″ wider than the baby’s shoulder width
  • (2 – 3) bags of white feathers
  • (1) bow and arrow set (I think I got lucky with this find)
  • (1) package of small glittery hearts on sticks

DIY Cupid Wings

  1. Draw the shape of the wings on the styrofoam.
  2. Cut out wings with knife, but be careful to leave the two wings as one piece.
  3. Using the quill of the feathers, stick them into the styrofoam in layers. I worked from the top of the wing downward, making sure to stick the quills in underneath the previous layer. I recommend sticking a feather that curls slightly at the tips of the wings for character.
  4. Repeat layering of feathers on the opposite side.
  5. For the strap, I re-purposed an old pink headband of Charli’s that was too small. I cut the strap and used sewing pins to connect one end to the top of one wing. I taped it down. I pulled the strap across her chest and under her armpit, connecting the other end of the strap to the lower side of the other wing.

Bow and Arrow

  1. The bow and arrow I bought had suction cups on the end of the arrow. I snapped the end off of one arrow.
  2. Slide the “heart on a stick” into the empty arrow shaft so the arrow pierces the little heart and keeps it in place.

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