Time Without Baby

It has been 48 hours since I’ve held, kissed, snuggled or just looked at my baby girl.

I left Kansas on Tuesday to attend a social media conference in Las Vegas.

I know hat you’re thinking. Rough life, right? I’m not complaining about the conference. I’m really enjoying myself. I just wish I could have packed Charlotte in my carry on.

I’m doing better than I thought I would. I haven’t cried yet, and I haven’t bored my co-worker to death with stories and pictures of Charli.

BUT there was a toddler in the flight from Dallas to Las Vegas, an the poor boy just wanted to be home. He started crying a couple times and my heart just ached. It made me want to go straight home and never leave Charlotte again.

So for the last 48 hours I’ve been baby free, and while I’m having fun, I’m punting the hours until when I get to go home.

It’s still another 36 hours until I can hold, kiss, snuggle or just look at my baby. And you bet your ass, I’m going to wake her up to do it.

1 thought on “Time Without Baby

  1. No, I wouldn’t bet anything about you getting your hands on that sweet baby! The picture of her looking over the top of her ‘I miss you” notes was so precious. Shane, that’s almost not fair!!

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