Charli’s First Christmas!

A little over a week ago, HOS and I had a quick Charlotte photo shoot for our Christmas cards. I wanted to do something cute with just Charli, so I wrapped an empty box and placed her inside with a bow on her her.

I’d like to say that my nice point-an-shoot digital camera took photos that put HOS’ iPhone 5 to shame. Alas, this was not the case. *sigh* Regardless of whose technology was better, we captured some great pictures of Charlotte. Here are a few of my favorite outtakes to celebrate Charlotte’s first Christmas!

I may be biased… But I’m pretty sure Ms. Charli is the cutest darn baby on this planet!

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1 thought on “Charli’s First Christmas!

  1. This is not bias; the evidence lies in these charming photographs of my beautiful granddaughter. She is hands down the most beautiful baby on the planet. End of discussion.

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