The Perfect Book

Every night before bed, we tell Charlotte that we will read three books. This almost always turns into four, five or nine books.

Every night before bed, Charli very carefully wraps her little fingers around the different spines of her books and pulls them out just enough to see the front cover. She will look back at me with frustration until she finds the perfect book.

The one book that we must read. Every. Night.

She is always so happy when she finds it! She carries the book with two hands and passes it off to either HOS or me. Charli will reach both arms into the air and say, “up!” until she is snuggled in the crook of my arm, blanket in one hand and fingers from the other hand in her mouth.

Charlotte will tilt her head backward until her blue eyes mine, and she will say…


Then, we open the recorded book and listen as my dad and step-mom’s voices take on the life of daddy monster and child.

It’s difficult raising my daughter so far away from most of my family, especially being so far from dad and Sue. But Charlotte hears their voices every night. She asks for them. And Charli and I usually fight over whether or not the third time through is enough for the night.

Every night before bed, Charlotte is building a bond with her grandparents. She is learning from them. And she loves them more and more with each crack of the spine.

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Immortal Grandparents

My grandparents are immortal. I decided this long, long ago. However, like most childhood dreams, the world has a way of shining light on the holes – like mortality.

I’m blessed to have such amazing grandparents, and to have them for so long. I lost my mom nearly 7 years ago. They lost their first born. And then their last child just 9 months later. I have always been in awe of their love for one another, and recently in awe of their strength. They are the rock, the hub of our family.

My grandpa has been suffering from health issues for a while. He is back in the hospital with a potentially devastating prognosis.

We visited grandpa twice while visiting family in Nebraska this weekend. I stood there watching him play with Charlotte in his hospital bed, giving her sweet kisses, and I was so amazed. He is faced with surgery on his abdominal aorta and/or losing his leg, but he was all smiles and love.

Some day I hope to be as strong as my grandpa. I hope to encourage and love my grandchildren the way he has. In the mean time, I’ll take advantage of time with him and place my daughter in his arms as much as possible.

My grandparents are immortal. When I was a kid, I thought this meant they would be alive forever. Now I know that they will be made immortal through the impact they have made on their friends, family and community. Their memory and their love will live on.