Thanks, Mama HOS

It’s Thanksgiving night, and I have thousands of reasons to give thanks. God blesses me and mine more than we deserve. Tonight, though, I want to focus on my gratitude for HOS’ mom.

Mama HOS is amazing on so many levels. She is strong, determined, loyal and fierce. She is also gentle, loving, generous and kind.

Mama HOS doesn’t mess around when it comes to her life and her family. Because of that, she spoils the pants off all of us. There is no favor too big or too small. She takes care of her family. I could share one hundred reasons I’m thankful for her.

My #1 reason I’m thankful for Mama HOS is her pure, vast love for Charli.

This afternoon, I watched Mama HOS rock Charlotte. She whispered softly to Charli and made up stories while gently caressing Charlotte’s hair.

I excused myself from the room and went to find HOS. He took one look at me and asked if I was ok. I started crying and told him about his mom and Charlotte in the next room. I couldn’t explain why I was crying, but my heart couldn’t handle that scene without overflowing!

I think I have a better understanding now. I cried because I am thankful.

I’m thankful Mama HOS is here.

I’m thankful Charli has family nearby.

I’m thankful HOS’ family wants to have a close relationship with her.

I’m thankful that, while my mom can’t be here to rock Charlotte and love on her, Mama HOS (and Nana Sue) will fill that role and be so amazing. That is so hard for me because no one will be my mom, but damn, these grandmas are just right for my baby.

And now, I’m crying again.

Thanks, Mama HOS! 🙂


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