Twelve Months

Last Friday, three days ago, my little girl turned one year old. Her smiles, laughs and big blue eyes have consumed my world for 12 full months. Her tears, ouchies and illnesses have lead to 12 full months of less than restful sleep. But my love for her began long before July 26, 2012.

Growing up, I never dreamed of wedding or knights in shining armor. I knew my best friend, my cousin Kelsey, would be my bridesmaid. That’s it. But I did dream of being a mom. I imagined how amazing it would be to have my own kids, and I decided I would get married right after college and start a family.

Like most childhood dreams, this didn’t happen. Not the marriage after college or the baby. … It was a couple years after graduation when I found out I was pregnant, and I was finishing graduate school, not undergrad.

I remember being terrified, and realizing the nothing would ever be the same. I remember realizing I was no longer me any more, I was a mom. I remember feeling her move inside me and the emotion of finding out she was a girl. I miss rubbing my belly and having her that close to me at all times. *sigh*

I fell in love with Charlotte while pregnant. I knew there was no going back, and my life would never be the same.

Twelve months later, I’m faced with the daily trials and tribulations of being a mother, but every frustration and panic attack is worth it just to see her little face.

In one year, Charli has had two ear infections and one mystery rash, but no fevers over 100 degrees. She has 8 teeth, will be walking soon and tries to mimic words.

This year has been a roller coaster. But I would give up the ride if my life depended on it.

To all the moms who survived year one, and many more!! Thank you, and may you pass along your wisdom.

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