Puppy Love or Something Like That

Today I had the dreadful experience of watching my precious daughter scream out of fear.

My only reaction was to instantaneously switch to “overly protective mom” mode and swoop up my crying baby.


My heart ached! But then I realized that I need to toughen up my kid.

Here’s what happened. …

Nothing about Charli’s day was routine, so the poor thing was just unsure about things. She went to work with me in Manhattan instead of going to daycare. My friend, Steve, picked her up and they spent the day together. Steve and Hillary have a small dog, Maggie.

Don’t worry, Maggie didn’t bite her! Quite the opposite. Charlotte apparently pulled a chunk of fur off Mags and tried to eat it.


Despite that indiscretion, Maggie was loving on Charli by the end of the day.

Steve and Hillary dropped Charlotte off with me at my friend Andrea’s apartment. Andrea also has a small dog – an itty bitty dog, actually. Zoey is a mini dachsund, and the sweetest dog EVER.

Zoey also loves babies.

In typical tiny dog fashion, Zoey got very excited and decided to run when she saw Charlotte. Unfortunately, she ran right at my tired, hungry Charli and got in her face. …

I know it’s part of parenting, but I would wish that sound on no one. Hearing your baby scream and then cry from fear is one of the worst sounds I have ever heard. My heart broke for my little girl in that moment.


Charli was scared of a dog that is smaller than our cat. This will not do. Charlotte and Zoey

I, myself, have only ever been bitten by one dog – a fat weiner dog – so I understand a little apprehension, but Charlotte was quick to cry around Zoey the rest of the night.

I would like to point out that Charli was being far too emotional and dramatic. … Then I have to wonder where she got it from. …


Obviously, not her mother!

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