What Goes Up…

Charli and I had a pretty lazy afternoon. … To be fair, I was lazy. Charlotte played with her toys, cooed and was her adorable, intelligent self.

She loves this bucket toy she received for Christmas from some friends. There are shapes she will eventually be able to fit through the appropriately shaped hole in the lid, and there are stacking cups. As she was playing, I attempted to stack the cups, but she would so sweetly knock it down each time.

While laughing at her little giggle, I had an idea.

We have been testing Vine videos at work. The Vine iPhone app allows you to film a 6 second video. The video can be stop-motion or a flowing video (I don’t know the correct terminology). It’s very simple to use, and you can share the video directly to Twitter and/or Facebook.

So, after several failed attempts on my part, and several successful demolition attempts by Charlotte, I finally finished a simple stop-motion video. Alas, what goes up must come down!

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