A Lesson in Overwhelming Responsibility

Parenting is hard.

Some of you are laughing. Some are smiling knowingly or nodding in agreement. Others are rolling their eyes, shaking their heads or sighing heavily.

Me? I’m crying.

If you know me well, you aren’t surprised at all that I would get emotional. But you may be surprised that it involves my parenting.

I LOVE being a mom. Charlotte finally started giving kisses, and now she gives them without being prompted.. Just because she loves me! (Or so I tell myself)

She also wraps her arms around my legs and buries her face into my shins.

Charli smiles and toddles as fast as possible when she sees me.

And she snuggles!! *sigh* I waited a year for those snuggles.

Loving my daughter is the easy part. Being overjoyed in her, and feeling blessed by her love is the easy part.

But parenting isn’t just about love. It’s about teaching your child. And I am terrified that I don’t know a single thing about how to teach my daughter.

HOS asked me the other day what Charlotte’s next milestone will be.
Without batting an eye, I responded with “talking.” Well, shoot, that sounds simple…



As I sat thinking about how I could even attempt to teach Charli how to talk,
I started thinking about all the other things, the small things, that I need to teach her.

How to use dining utensils.
How to brush her teeth properly.
How to write.
How to read.
How to do math.
How to drive.
How to handle a break up.
How to be a good person.

And then I start to cry.

I’m overwhelmed by the shear magnitude of all of it. I’m terrified of failing her. I worry that I will be the reason for any issues, mistakes or problems she will ever experience in her entire life.

All of this before the girl can even pronounce bye-bye correctly.

You’re a parent, right? How do you handle the responsibility this gift of parenthood?

And while you’re at it, do you any tips on anything of the other thousands of things I’ll need to teach her?

Thanks in advance!