Charli’s First Illness

First my cat, and now my daughter. …

Charlotte started coughing last Sunday. She had little bags under her bright, blue eyes. Her nose was pink. And her cough rattled in her chest. So, in typical “new parent” style, we called the doctor on Wednesday after her cough worsened.

We were told to wait until she was sick for five days before scheduling an appointment.

If I’m anything, I’m emotional. Watching my baby go from a smiley, talkative infant to a sad, somber babe that whimpered when she didn’t feel good was heartbreaking.

Friday morning, our babysitter told us that the other baby girl went to the ER Thursday night for a fever of 104. She was diagnosed with RSV.

My “new mom” mind went crazy with thoughts of terrifying diseases, but, as it turns out, RSV is extremely common and nothing to stress about. It can result in more medical issues if not treated, so HOS called the doctor again.

After an hour wait at the doctor’s office, we learned that our sweet baby girl has a double ear infection and bronchialitis – baby bronchitis.

Yup, bronchitis. First Bear and now Charli.

Forcing Charlotte to take medicine is almost as bad as medicating Bear, too.

HOS and I have survived Charlotte’s first illness, and I managed to avoid shedding any tears.

The cough and dripping nose are still persisting, but my smiley baby is back.

And kudos to Ms. Charlotte. While she was feeling pretty crummy she had to put up with her daddy dancing it up in the doctor’s office. What can I say? She has talent.