2 Going on 3

I’ve heard people talk about their children always wanting to grow up much faster than they should. And up until about 11 months ago, I had no idea what they meant.


Aside from the obvious fact that I became a mama, 11 months ago, I was still one of those children. I was always wanting more, looking to the next “step” in life.

While on a much, MUCH smaller scale, I’m experiencing the same struggle my parents had with me. Charli just wants to grow up too darn fast!

I mean, the girl thinks she is 2 going on 3 or something! 😉

But seriously. Charlotte demanded that we let her eat her whole sandwich and not little pieces.

I’m sure today is the first of many instances like this that will only get more and more difficult. I just don’t know that I’m ready for this!

Don’t have much of a choice, though, do I?

Do parents always feel a stressful combination of pride, fear, happiness and self-doubt?

My baby girl eating her big girl grilled cheese!

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