Mohammad A-Charli

There are some moments in parenting that are too funny not to share, see earlier post about Charlotte puking in my mouth.

Tonight, HOS was the victim of little Charli’s wrath.

Let me set the scene…

Frequently while nursing, Charlotte would punch me, slap me or cover my mouth with her hand if I spoke. She is definitely the boss in this house.

HOS has been lucky enough to observe her discipline me, but has never suffered at her hand. … Until today!

HOS was nuzzling on Charli and asking her if she wanted Wild Wings. Then, in his best daddy voice, he told her she’s have to pay for her own dinner.

Charlotte responded by balling up her right fist and punching him square in the jaw.

Charli doesn’t pay for her own dinner!

I about died! My little girl cold cocked her daddy at 5 months old. My own little Mohammed A-Charli.

At least, HOS has no more doubts about who’s the boss of this house!

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